Walking On the Ground inside the Sea

Bali ocean walker or commonly called Seawalker or Bali marine walk is one of the best water activities in Bali, since 2010 this watersport activities has been available at Benoa Bay. If you are interested with water sport the best spot is Benoa Bay at Nusa Dua-Bali. Benoa Bay offer a nice water and a gentle wave, which is very suitable for sea walker activities, especially in the morning, due to the air is fresh in the morning and the sun also not too hot, to get to Benoa Bay you will need about 15 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai Airport, the locations of Benoa Bay is near with Nusa dua Resort Area which is the center of hospitality industry.


Bali seawalker Tanjung Benoa is walking activity on the sea floor, this is why sometimes its call as a marine walk. This will definitely different as you walk on land, participants will be using a masked helmet. This mask helmet is containing water-resistant clear glass, Oxigen will flow through the hose that attached to the helmets, and all you need to do just breath naturally, and for those who wear a glasses or contact lenses don’t need to be worried, because the sea water will not leak and enter your helmed.


Once all sea walker equipment ready, the sea walker guide will take you, dive into the sea floor. On the bottom of the sea, there are many fish and beautiful coral reefs. You need to go down at least 6 meters using the stairs then you will reach the sea floor.

While walking around on the sea floor, you will be able to see the fish, marine plants and coral reefs. You also can feed the fish. Please don’t forget to ask your guide, to take your photo and video during the seawalker. Of course, there is an additional charge for the picture and video.


When you walk on the sea, this is not as easy as walking on the land. While walking on the sea floor, members need to maintain body balance, and you can use the pipeline by holding to it while you are walking on the sea floor. Marine walk Bali will take about 30 minutes underwater. Your comfort and safety get full attentions during Bali marine walk event. Bali ocean walker equipment meets international standards safety.

Professional guides trained and experienced in sea walker action will be happy to accompany you during marine walk Bali. You do not need to have swimming skills or diving skills to have sea walking Bali. Starting at age 10 and above can try Bali seawalker.


Tanjung Benoa for Summer Vacation

Hello traveler, summer is the best season on earth, why don’t you go to the beach for having fun?  Come on,  just let the sun kissed your skin and  feel free to touch the sand then deep your body into the blue ocean , Don’t let your curiosity stop right here, keep explore what you like,here we would like suggest you to get your summer holiday at Tanjung Benoa beach-Bali Island. Tanjung Benoa is one of the most popular, favorite places and a paradise for tourist having a water sport experience in Bali Island, Tanjung Benoa Itself was located in South Kuta, Badung Regency.


The operation time of Tanjung Benoa is depends on full moon, low tide or big tide, if it low tide, the watersport attraction start at 11.00 am, but if it big tide the water sport  attraction  will start at 09.00 am. The total area of Tanjung Benoa are 173,75 hectare.

Maybe you already know about Tanjung Benoa as a marine tourism in Bali, the shoreline of Tanjung Benoa has a safe, clean, comfortable and beautiful beach. The Marine Park, Coral, Fish are very beauty and clean. Tanjung Benoa water sport provide you a lot of sports, from banana boat, scuba diving, parasailing, rolling donut, seawalker, flying fish, snorkeling and now Tanjung Benoa also provide you a new game sport which is more challenging which is known as Flying Board.


Seawalker is the best choice if you can’t swim, because you don’t need much efford to drown yourself into water, you just need to wear a special helmed and you can breathe as usual. You can direcly touch the fish and take some picture, cause you face will look clearly. Flying board is the newest water sport in the world with the technology evolutions is very fast. Try it and you will very satisfied.


Hello water sport lovers, welcome to Bali Paradise Island, this exciting tour packages in doing Nusa Ceningan or Lembongan, with the awesome beauty of the underwater world, exciting and cool down under the sea with a scooter, you can enjoy the beauty of colorful corals, you also can see the fish with a variety of hiding under the sea. Are you curious about that?

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Visiting Turtle Island – Bali Island

Hello world, Bali welcomes you with a warm hello and hardest goodbye, so today we would like to share you about Turtle sland which located near Tanjung Benoa, Tanjung Benoa is a very famous water sport activities spot in Bali, beside that you also can cross to the turtle island which is located near the Tanjung Benoa Bay. The green turtle inhabited by the green turtle, green turtle is one of the rare animals that protected by Indonesian government.

Due to most of family travelers interested to visit turtle island conservation in Tanjung Benoa. This creates opportunity for water sports operator in Tanjung Benoa, to provide boat tour while visiting turtle island conservation and sees the marine park offshore. While you have a turtle island tour, you will be taken into the sea as far as 300 – 500 meters offshore with glass bottom boat. This trip lasts about 15 minutes.

From the glass bottom boat, you can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery without having to dive. Coral reefs, a variety of ornamental fish, marine plants and other marine animals are maintained preserved. Do not forget to bring bread, so the kids can feed the fish while on the boat, after seeing and feeding the fish, the tour will be proceeded to turtle island conservation, who took the time for 15 minutes. After arriving on the turtle island Bali, the guide will be happy to invite you to see the green turtles.

Children will be introduced on how to take care a turtle. From the newly hatched turtle eggs and turtles are hundreds of years old. Do not forget to perpetuate this activity to take pictures with the turtle. On the turtle island, you also can see other animals. Such as monkeys, snakes, hawks, parrot, and bats.

Probably, visiting Bali Turtle Island is very suitable for family vacations. Besides visiting turtle island in Nusa Dua Tanjung Benoa, the island of Bali also another kind of family activities during your holiday.

Get Lost In Lemukih Waterfall – Buleleng

Hello gorgeous, for you fans of nature, with a view of the beautiful, quiet and comfortable then try you have to try visiting the Lemukih falls. If by chance you have plans to visit North Bali, Lemukih waterfalls become a must visit, besides visit to Gitgit, hot water bath or Lovina is famous for dolphin outdoors attraction. Waterfall Lemukih, including attractions that are rarely visited by tourists, Lemukih Fall located in Lemukih Village, Sawan District Buleleng regency.


Location of Lemukih fall

If traveling from the airport, Kuta or Tanjung Benoa took about 2.5 hours drive. Lemukih place in the village, district. Sawan, Buleleng. You can rent a car in Bali along with our experienced driver in the tourism industry. If you start from the airport, through the tourist area of Lake Beratan Bedugul, past waterfalls Gitgit, winding streets with views of clove and coffee plantation, about 10km from Bedugul, see the fork take the road to the right.

The uniqueness of Lemukih Fall

Arriving at the location you will feel the different atmosphere, beautifully presented and quiet nature, and unique views of three waterfalls on display in front of the eye. Rightmost highest waterfall looks about 4 meters, then the other two are on the left side. Water discharge is large enough and clear. Under the highest waterfall, created ponds, so that visitors can bathe and swim. Lemukih have 3 side of falls in one place and still empty of visitors, so it’s quieter, visitors can more freely enjoy her charms, including spending time to shower or just taking some photo.

Tips For You

  1. Predict the weather when visit, because your holiday will be very disturbing if it suddenly rains.
  2. You can bring your own food to save money during your travel.
  3. Bring your goods accordingly. Because if too many, would incriminate yourself.
  4. If a holiday, usually visitors are very crowded. So, it’s good to come in a weekday so you can freely enjoy in this waterfall.

Enjoy The Exotic Jagasatru Waterfall

Bali oh Bali, for those of you who want to find a heaven in the world came to this paradise island. Ok you’ve probably never been to Bali and feel the exotic nature of tourism, but who would have thought that Bali turned out to have a beautiful waterfall that is still hidden in the jungle of Karangasem, Buleleng.


The next destination for you to visit is Jagasatru Waterfalls, Jagasatru waterfall is located in Pateh village, Duda Timur Village, Selat district and Karangasem Regency-Bali. Not many people know the existence of this waterfall, because of the access road to get to this point has not been fixed so that the few people who dared to come visit here.

The most interesting in Jagasatru fall is the falls flanked by two high cliffs, it has paid off when you reach the Jagasatru fall, the splashing water falling from the height, the atmosphere is calm and cool and trees that grew around it will became your own entertainment. The water flow is very clean like crystal clear as spring water comes from the surround hills. The height of Jagasatru fall is about 40 meters, but the size of the pool not too big.

Well, how do you reach this Jagasatru falls? First you have to go first to Pateh Village, Selat District and Karangasem regency. Arriving there, you have to pass through the streets of a fairly steep hill about 1 Km. Do not forget to be careful not slip and fell to the ground. The obstacles will be paid if you already get to the destination point.

For those of you who like the challenge of natural shades, this place should you go and you admire, occasionally try something different when you are the streets because there are many places out there that beauty is not yet known by other people.

Discover one of the best waterfalls in Bali

Bali has a bunch of waterfalls that surround Bali island and it does make you confused of choosing which falls you should visit, starting from the spectacular falls, shorter falls, until the highest falls, all can be found in Bali, but if you like a fall which has all of those criterias, which still safe for water activities such as swimming, the Banyumala Waterfall is the answer. Banyumala fall has crystal clear and super fresh water. Banyumala fall located at the bottom of the valley with two sides fall, local people also calles it Banyumana Twin Waterfall. The exact location of Banyumala fall is located in Wanagiri village, Sukasada Regency and Buleleng District.

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