Authentic Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul waterfalls Singaraja Buleleng is the place that you need to visit in Bali. Located in the northern part of the island, scattered on green jungles offer a fantastic natural view of a waterfall, The waterfall might be the tallest waterfall in this area, situated on high hill area and far away from residential of local people. Sekumpul waterfalls a few years ago only known by the local. Through the Internet spread the news about the beauty of Sekumpul waterfalls.


When people go to the north of Bali, tend to visit Lovina Bali for the dolphin show. Many tourists did not know about the six waterfalls in North Bali. Buleleng regency is the virgin paradise of a waterfall In Bali. Only a few known about it and the waterfall remain untouched because it is hard to get the locations by car. If you stay in Kuta area, to get Sekumpul waterfalls you need 2 hours 55 minutes to get there. The distance about 92 kilometers or 57 miles

How to get There & Tips

The best way to get the spot of Sekumpul Waterfall is to find Bali car rental with driver. You can ask the driver to escort you there without getting lost. Some tour agency in Bali also provides Sekumpul Waterfalls tour. Normally Sekumpul Waterfalls tour is a trekking tour. When you arrive at the car park, to get the waterfall, you need to walk on the path, shaded by many trees. After a few turn, the road that made from cement you will not see it again, further more you have to walk on the dirt road.


When you reached the waterfall, then you will realize the reasons why this waterfall said as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali. It has high about 80 meters or 262 feet tall, pouring plenty of fresh water. While you need to pay an admission fee to enter the waterfall, for foreigner need to pay IDR 5.000 / person.


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