Gorgeous Lemukih Waterfall – Buleleng

Hello gorgeous, for you fans of nature, with a view of the beautiful, quiet and comfortable then try you have to try visiting the Lemukih falls. If by chance you have plans to visit North Bali, Lemukih waterfalls become a must visit, besides visit to Gitgit, hot water bath or Lovina is famous for dolphin outdoors attraction. Waterfall Lemukih, including attractions that are rarely visited by tourists, Lemukih Fall located in Lemukih Village, Sawan District Buleleng regency.


Location of Lemukih fall

If traveling from the airport, Kuta or Tanjung Benoa took about 2.5 hours drive. Lemukih place in the village, district. Sawan, Buleleng. You can rent a car in Bali along with our experienced driver in the tourism industry. If you start from the airport, through the tourist area of Lake Beratan Bedugul, past waterfalls Gitgit, winding streets with views of clove and coffee plantation, about 10km from Bedugul, see the fork take the road to the right.

The uniqueness of Lemukih Fall

Arriving at the location you will feel the different atmosphere, beautifully presented and quiet nature, and unique views of three waterfalls on display in front of the eye. Rightmost highest waterfall looks about 4 meters, then the other two are on the left side. Water discharge is large enough and clear. Under the highest waterfall, created ponds, so that visitors can bathe and swim. Lemukih have 3 side of falls in one place and still empty of visitors, so it’s quieter, visitors can more freely enjoy her charms, including spending time to shower or just taking some photo.


  1. Predict the weather when visit, because your holiday will be very disturbing if it suddenly rains.
  2. You can bring your own food to save money during your travel.
  3. Bring your goods accordingly. Because if too many, would incriminate yourself.
  4. If a holiday, usually visitors are very crowded. So, it’s good to come in a weekday so you can freely enjoy in this waterfall.

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