Bali Mangrove Forest

Mangrove Forest is an alternative way to spend your romantic moment. Do not imagine to walks along a dirty mud to enjoy the spots in this forest, as a wooden road is provided to enter most of the area. Take your loved one to stroll along the wooden road, deep into the jungle, and feel the sunshine peeping through the leaves of the mangroves.


Feasting upon the silence and greenery of the mangroves is a great ecological reflection, and the hot temperature of the island is filtered into cool air. This is the experience that you can only see in the National Geographic or Discovery channels, and yet you can experience it yourself. But remember, do not litter.

Like all mangrove swamps, the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve has been proven to act as a natural barrier against tsunamis. Undoubtedly, it is an important site for coastal migratory water birds and a portion of migrant forest birds. Also you can also find 10 species of reptiles in this mangrove.

Visit the nearby and well-equipped Mangrove Information Centre in the vast 600-hectare mangrove forest east coast south of Sanur. This center is doing great work to tell the local school children and visitors about the importance of mangrove forests. It’s a good place to spend half a day. The Information Service is also a museum, where one can admire animals. There are also plans to take a bath, where you can touch sea creatures. There are also guides available who can guide you through the park.


A beautiful Mangrove Forest is 6 km away from Sanur, Kuta direction. You are within 10 minutes at the entrance of the mangrove park. It is still unspoiled and not so well known among tourists. There are two different trails on scaffolding through the mangrove forest.

You can walk around on your own, but you do miss some background information, which you can obtain in the Mangrove Information Centre.
The coast south of Sanur is naturally protected by a green belt of mangrove forest. A portion of this well-maintained forest is open to visitors. While taking a walk, visitors can experience, what does the mangrove for good with regard to the local ecosystem.


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