10 Mount You Should Know Before Action – Part 2

Hello Everyone, so today is time to share you the next information about 10 mounts in Bali Island, so please check it out down below before you go to do the hiking activities.

  1. Pohen Mount, 2.063 Meters above sea level

In 1994, in the nature reserve area is a major fire, endemic species of pine Pandak had become a victim. That year, Mount Pohen lost 30 hectares of forest. Forest replaced the paved road 3 meters wide (plus 1 meter shoulders on each side) to access the passing officers, 2500 liters of water per second disbursed during the drilling process. Yet this is the only natural forest left on this small island.

Trailhead: Geothermal Line, 1,550 meters above sea level, the only line in the south.


  1.  Tapak Mount, 1909 Meters above sea level

Such as coin, Mount Tread presents a paradox in the two sides. The southern slopes (the beautiful) stood Eka Karya Botanical Garden is famous for. All well maintained, with colorful flowers, green grass and pine were planted within a uniform. The north side is the side of his glum. Vila was set up Dasong forest clearing,

Trailhead: Line Pancasari village from the side of Lake Buyan, 1,225 masl

  1.   Lesung Mount, 1.865 Meter above sea level

Mount Lesung on the south side of Lake Tamblingan. That look is perfectly round crater with a diameter of 600 meters. Such as bulge eyes were going to swallow anyone who approached.

There is an aura is different in this mountain forest with moss cascade green humid, statues of old scattered some point (plus offering complete with the scent of incense and fabric clothing of the statue), Goa Nagaloka – old crater like a bottomless pit (sometimes still steaming heat), also mythical herd of deer that live in the bottom of the crater.

Trailhead: Village Tamblingan, following the river upstream Mue up to and from the small village next to the Bukit Shoots, 1,420 meters above sea level.


  1.  Pucak Adeng, 1.826 Meters above sea level

Adjacent to the village of Jatiluwih, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage on Subak irrigation system, there Angsri picturesque village. At the eastern boundary of the village there is a hot water bath, the rest of the breath from volcanic Adeng 1,826 Meters above sea level

It rained almost occur throughout the year in this area, forest cover and thick foliage on the ground avalanches characterize this mountain. The peak itself is just flat land with dense forests. Throughout the 360-degree eye can see there are only trees,

Trailhead: Through Pucak Adeng, 1,200 meters above sea level.


  1.  Batur Mount, 1.717 Meters above sea level

The object of the most popular hiking on the island of Bali, Gunung Batur, close the list of 10 the ultimate highlight of Bali. At least five stalls stand in peaks to serve hot coffee before sunrise. Paved streets and large temples were established until an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. Pos Tour Guide is always alert since midnight to intercept the travelers who were heading peak.

Hiking paths: There are at least 6 hiking trail from the villages at the foot of Mount Batur. Two famous is from Pura Jati (1,100 masl) and Toya Bungkah (1,180 masl).



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