Tanjung Benoa for Summer Vacation

Hello traveler, summer is the best season on earth, why don’t you go to the beach for having fun?  Come on,  just let the sun kissed your skin and  feel free to touch the sand then deep your body into the blue ocean , Don’t let your curiosity stop right here, keep explore what you like,here we would like suggest you to get your summer holiday at Tanjung Benoa beach-Bali Island. Tanjung Benoa is one of the most popular, favorite places and a paradise for tourist having a water sport experience in Bali Island, Tanjung Benoa Itself was located in South Kuta, Badung Regency.


The operation time of Tanjung Benoa is depends on full moon, low tide or big tide, if it low tide, the watersport attraction start at 11.00 am, but if it big tide the water sport  attraction  will start at 09.00 am. The total area of Tanjung Benoa are 173,75 hectare.

Maybe you already know about Tanjung Benoa as a marine tourism in Bali, the shoreline of Tanjung Benoa has a safe, clean, comfortable and beautiful beach. The Marine Park, Coral, Fish are very beauty and clean. Tanjung Benoa water sport provide you a lot of sports, from banana boat, scuba diving, parasailing, rolling donut, seawalker, flying fish, snorkeling and now Tanjung Benoa also provide you a new game sport which is more challenging which is known as Flying Board.


Seawalker is the best choice if you can’t swim, because you don’t need much efford to drown yourself into water, you just need to wear a special helmed and you can breathe as usual. You can direcly touch the fish and take some picture, cause you face will look clearly. Flying board is the newest water sport in the world with the technology evolutions is very fast. Try it and you will very satisfied.


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