Extreme but Challenging – Paragliding Sport at Bali.

Have a great day people, holiday is important in your life, to get out from your routine and refresh your mind, if you like an extreme and challenging holiday, you might try the Paragliding Sport. To enjoy the beauty of the southern tip of Bali, things could be an option paragliding extreme travel in Bali in addition to those who already do the practice. While enjoying the swinging body and the blue sea, the majestic hill was silent, and the coastline of white wave, we can prove ourselves as a mighty man, against gravity! Against fate, this is paragliding.


The power to fly it comes from parachute inflates above us. He endured so that we can fly, leaving the hill towards the open sea and then carried by the wind to heights of hundreds of meters. You are at the front, while the expert behind. He will control the parachute to where were heading. Flying back and forth is usually about 2 km on the hills and the coast. The trainer currently busy controlling the parachute, we were “picked up” in front of pleasing seeing the sights below us or if you bring a camera, a relentless record the spectacle.

The location for this paragliding in Bukit Timbis, Kutuh Village, District of South Kuta, about 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport, this location is located on the right side of the highway to Nusa Dua Pecatu, after the Institute of Tourism (STP) Nusa Dua. There is a path Bukit Payung. From the road it still makes about 1 km to the condition of the asphalt road. Because there are no signs in the direction of this hill at all, so just follow the footpath towards the end of the hill, looking to the sky. Who knows you are lucky and can see dozens of people in flight using this paragliding.


Things started paragliding in the region since about 10 years ago. There are currently three operators attractions this risk, one of them Bali Paragliding Club (BPC). The third operator is on a hill not far different condition, slightly sloping and is located at the end of the hill even resemble cliffs. From the low post, we can see the sea off the southern Bali. Down there, about 75 meters, there is a stretch of sea grass fields where locals hang livelihoods.

To be able to enjoy flying with paragliding, visitors must pay US $ 69. Prices were already includes pick-up and insurance just to fly a tandem paraglider alias accompanied by a professional it was. The suitable time to fly are most of the year except during the winds season, usually between the October until January, at the time and in the sky around Mount Timbis this will be filled with dozens or even hundreds of aviators. If you do not have enough money to fly, suffice streets and sit back to enjoy their float. It also provides its own entertainment.


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