Twin Lake – Buyan and Tamblingan Lake

Buyan and Tamblingan is a pair of lakes which located in one of the cool climates and very cold at that time of night in the village area of Pancasari, Sukasada subdistrict, Buleleng regency, Lake Buyan and Tamblingan is one of the lakes in Bali very well preserved beauty and nature, in funds Buyan we will never find a boat or boats powered other in this lake. Not because no one got, but this lake is devoted to nature is beautiful and natural without interference from technology.


Both lakes are Buyan and Tamblingan. Historically, both lakes created by the eruption of Mount Lesung, and then the volcanic eruptions created the caldera slowly into the lake due to natural processes day by day the Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake separated by the forest for about 1 kilometer, and for your information between the two lakes there are also a natural pond named Aya lake connected to Lake Buyan.


On the way to Lake Buyan and Tamblingan, you will be presented by the natural scenery just like on the top of mountain area or high land, a winding road with a view ravine and green trees is what you would find on a trip. On the to reach the spot of the Lake, at first you would see the Lake Buyan on your left side of the road, not long ago you will also find the Tamblingan Lake, which is also located on the left side of the road, you can find a few spots on the top of the hill to enjoy the view of the Twin lake and generally free.

However, if you happen to stop spot or stop point you might as well can stay and enjoy at a café or simple shop just to drink coffee or tea, or if you want to be closer to the lake you can go down to the hill near the lake and enjoy the lake, it is fairly well represented on several spots on the left of the road to lake Tamblingan and Buyan. You also can take a shoot for your wedding photo at Buyan lake.


So, Bali is not just about beaches, you also can enjoy the beautiful lake and explore the north Bali during your visit, bay the way, there is the best activities that you can do with your friend near the lake, are you curious about that? So please read “Create the Togetherness – The Twin Lake in Bali“ article too.


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