Create the Togetherness – The Twin Lake in Bali

Hello youngsters, who said that Bali only has beaches? That’s true that Bali very famous with beaches, but don’t forget that on the north of Bali, which is Buleleng District has so many nature and green place for you to visit, such as The Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake. Today we would like to show you about something interest near the lake, curious about that?  This is the camping activities that you can do with your friends, so let’s check it out.



The Management of Lake Buyan supplied devoted a special place for you to do Camping Activities with campsite called Campgrounds Dasong. You can bring your own tents and build your tents near the lake by yourself, so when you wake up from your dream, you can directly enjoy the view face to face with the lake, plus a warm cup of coffee in the morning, gorgeous right?

Arriving at the camp you will be charged the entry fee for IDR 10.000/ person, this ticket is includes the bathroom facilities and a campsite, the camp is divided into 3 parts and local people called it POS 1, POS 2 and POS 3. The first POS is located near the parking lot so you can directly see the lake, the second POS is located near the fishing spot and the last POS is located at the extreme area, because it is located in the middle of a forest on the edge of the lake. This POS is suitable for those who has a high courage and tents in a wild area.


The first step when we arrived at the camping site is to build a tent, had to be quick yes because this area frequent rain. If you don’t bring your own tents the local people there is provided a tent rental services. The price is relatively cheap, around IDR 150.000 for 1 tent installed 1 day and 1 night. If you choose to rent a tent, you can enjoy you time while your tents is prepared by the seller.


  • Prepare yourself well, do not force yourself to take the tent when you’re sick
  • Bring Candles and Lighters
  • Bring a thick jacket and blanket
  • If you need to bring an umbrella
  • Prepare also your personal medications
  • Bring foods that are easily burned like corn, cassava or fish
  • Bring Guitar
  • And most importantly, take a bowl and spoon


  • The facilities available are car park to the lake shore
  • Boat rentals for fishing or purposes of recreation
  • Accommodation facilities.

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