Looking For New Spot To See Sunset And Sunrise?

Bali is not only beaches and temples, but there are a wide variety of attractions like waterfalls, lakes, and parks, but this time we will discuss one of the interesting sights there are located in Karangasem Bugbug village, a new tourist spot called hill grindstones that overlooks the expanse of blue ocean from the top of the cliff, if you are tired of the tourist beaches like Kuta Beach and Sanur, then you are obliged to visit this new tourist attraction.


Only about 4 kilometers from the tourist area of Candidasa, the name of the hill “asah” meaning flat hills, here we can do activities such as camping, moreover, the atmosphere is still very quiet because not much visited by tourists. So if you’re looking for a quiet and lonely place in Bali besides the Nyang-nyang beach, so Asah hill could be an alternative option for your next journey.

Tourist attractions Asah hill offers views of the vast expanse of ocean from the top of the cliff, at this location you can see the sunset and sunrise at the beach like Sanur beach and Kuta beach, if you’ve been to the temple of Uluwatu then you can imagine what it looks like.

The Natural atmosphere is still beautiful, foreign tourists usually refer hill asah with the name “silent hill” because it is still quiet and calm so it is suitable for you who are solitary or blurred break from routine work, when you arrive at the location, so a heartbeat can forget the stress at work.

There are two great places that you can visit in Asah hill, when entering the intersection on the road, if you turn right it will be towards a steep cliff with a view of the beautiful sea and underneath there are Bug-bug Beach with coconut palms surrounding it, well in this location we can see the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Meanwhile, when you turn to the left you can still see the sea view from the cliff top and from there you   can go to the Virgin virgin beach which is famous for its beautiful landscape.

Here are some tips when you want to visit Asih Hill :

1. Come spring time, namely after the rainy season is finished, you will be able to see                  tropical plants and growing on the green grassland.

2. Do not to come during the rainy season, because the path will be slippery


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