Juwuk Manis Village And The Twin Waterfall.

Bali is a paradise for the traveler. Each of its natural charm can be used as a fascinating tourist spot.Although it was only a mini waterfall. One of them is a waterfall located in the Juwuk Manis Village, Manggis Sari village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana. The name of the waterfall is “ Juwuk Manis”, the name also adopted from the village name. The height of the Manis waterfall is only 4 meters. Even Juwuk Manis Waterfall is not too high, but the freshness of the water same like the other. There are 2 waterfall that you can enjoy when you reach the spot.


Juwuk Manis waterfalls is 75 Km away from Denpasar, From Denpasar you just point the way to Gilimanuk, with the condition that a smooth road, until you reach the intersection of Village Pangyangan, then you have to turn right and pass through the winding streets and narrow enough to arrive at the parking lot Juwuk Manis waterfall.

Juwuk Manis waterfall actually has quite beautiful atmosphere that can relieve your fatigue. But the hard work needed to get to the waterfall Juwuk Manis. You must  be trekking down a steep footpath along the 1 km by passing coffee and clove plantations. You also need to be careful when yougoing down by following the trairs because quite steep.

Your adventure will be accompanied with cool air and unspoiled views of the hills. Once you arrived at the waterfall, the freshness of the water will immediately remove your tiredness after trekking. Your struggle was paid when you touch the Juwuk Manis waterfall. After enjoying the scenery, you can immediately shower or splash around in the small pool while enjoying the waterfall splash.

Although Juwuk Manis Village only has twin waterfall in one spot, it doesn’t mean that Juwuk Village is not interested. So many people come to Juwuk Village to see try to reach the Juwuk Manis Waterfall when weekend with their family or friends.

Bukit cinta

Juwuk Manis Village also has another interest place beside waterfall, local people call it Bukit Cinta or The Hill Of Love, Bukit Cinta be excellent for anyone who wishes to see the beauty of the morning sun while enjoying traditional fields with backgrounds highest point on the island of Bali is Mount Agung. And if you’re lucky, in the morning  the fields below the hill will be shrouded in mist that adds to the exquisite scenery.


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