Mount Lesung Bali Island- 1865 M

Starting at the bottom of the hill, some of the most beautiful sceneries are just waiting for you to be discovered deeper into nature’s wild forest. As you make your way to the top of the mountain, a fresh breeze and the singing birds will accompany you to the Lesung mountain in Bali. Mount Lesung (Gunung Lesung) belongs to the Bedugul volcanic region to the south of Tamblingan Lake (Danu Tamblingan). It has a large crater at its peak, about half of the size of Mount Agung’s. With a height of 1.865 meters, Mount Lesung does not belong to the top 3 of Bali’s highest mountains.


Mount Lesung is a sacred Jungle mountain with some old legend temple inside the jungle there are Naga Loka Temple, Bukit Temple, and Endek Temple. Gunung Lesung is our best recommendation for who would love to climb the green jungle of Bali.

The climate is in this area is obviously different to the one in Singaraja, the former capital of Bali. For This reason Dutch colonialists started to build the first rest houses in the lake area around Mount Lesung in 1903, to escape the coastal climate. Some of them still can be found in the village of Munduk, the perfect base in case you would like to start a little hike. Gunung Lesung is not very popular with mountaineers and trekkers as it is very hard to climb. If you decide for this long trek you have to manage dense jungle to reach peak of Mount Lesung.

Tips for you, Mount Lesung is not the only Mountain close to Munduk. Munduk village is surrounded by Mount Pucuk (1603 meters), Mount Batukaru (2276 meters), Mount Sanghyang (2088 meters) and Naga Loka peak (1780 meters), giving you the opportunity to chose other mountains and treks.


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