Your Imagination Become True with ATV Riding in Bali

You will never be bored in Bali because this Island has so many beautiful places to visit, so many challenging things to do and so many ways to explore the incredible beauty of this Island. This activity is stretching the muscles of your arms and get ready to ride an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) in the landscape of terraced village.

ATV riding really will make your imagination come true. This adventure is the way that really amazing to enjoy the beauty of Bali. Pass through the intersection of cocoa plantations, crawling on the muddy road, wet while crossing a river, or to maximize the speed on the edge of the rice terraces.


Tourists can enjoy it all, especially when you are crashing and jumping along with the ATV that you drive. In the middle of a remote village, in the middle of the local crops field, ATV offers to tourists about a challenging ways to explore the simple life of local people and the beauty of the village itself.

atv 19
Tourists can choose he want to ride the ATV alone or with their friends, both are equally enjoyable, the guide will take you to the main street of the village, tourists will drive past the houses, fields, rice paddies, and also they can see the daily activities of the local people.

atv 3
There are two famous places to play ATV riding in Bali. For the first place, tourists can ride the ATV in Penebel Village and for the second place, tourists can ride the ATV in Kerta Village. Your adventure when riding the ATV that offered by a place to play ATV that located in Penebel Village, Tabanan Regency. The bumpy journeys to explore six hectares of cocoa plantations are located in the border of Tengkudak Village.

atv 15
In this time, with some challenges on the small track, tourists will get used to drive heavy off-road machines. This experience will certainly encourage the adventurous side of you to continue up to the advanced level. After you enjoy this levels, you will not be reminded of how heavy the steering. The next beautiful trip is your plan that will go up in the long path that presents many challenges, things that will awaken the whole hidden universe in your adventure.

This route will take you through a large number of narrow waterways are weaved as far as 2 kilometers between the paddy fields, the thing that really test your driving skill when you will pass through a traditional village that inaccessible by road that located in the middle of an agricultural area and is a unique area that producing fruit throughout the year. Tourists can looking for the only way out and the chance to enjoy the original cacao fruit when on the way back to base camp. This fun activity is highly recommended.

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