The Way to Enjoy the Beauty of Bali while Knowing Balinese Traditional Life

Bali which is known as the most famous vacation place which has many tourist attractions, culture, and art to attract tourists to spend holidays in Bali. Many tourist attractions that can visited by tourists like adventure tour, water sport, spiritual tour, cultural tour, and many more. One of adventure tour that can be tried by tourists who come to Bali there is cycling. If the tourists love adventure or trekking and want to enjoy the hidden natural beauty that rarely visited by tourists, tourists will be invited to follow cycling tour, ride a bike start from the highlands in the Penelokan region, Kintamani to Pejeng Village.

bike 4

With pass through the distance along 40 kilometers, tourists will be estimated to have arrived in a place that has been determined by the length of time a trip around 3.5 to 4 hours depending on the speed of the participants themselves. Travelers can holiday to Bali and follow the tour to enjoy the cool mountain air and see the background of rural life is an opportunity that can’t be missed to find out how the real life of the rural population with its traditional life. While enjoying a cycling tour, tourists can enjoy the mountain air with a fresh atmosphere that is fun and also healthy because far from the pollution.

bike 6
Cycling tour is start from Kintamani tourist attraction that located in the highland in Penelokan Village while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning with the background of Mountain View, valley and Batur Lake. Tourists will accompany by a guide who calm, patient, and friendly during do the cycling tour activities. Then tourists start to enjoy the journey and tourists also can find religious ceremonies in the rural life in Balinese culture. They can talk together with Balinese People and can see the traditional wood carver by local residents.

bike 8
This Cycling adventure tour will the end in Pejeng Village, where tourists can see a beautiful and quite rural life, see the woman who undergo their daily activities while make offerings to God. Tourists can enjoy holiday in Bali with Cycling Tour while enjoy the fresh air in rural areas in Bali and they can see the natural beauty that can make tourists will be satisfied.

bike 5

By tourists spending their vacation in Bali with cycling, they will get a different experience from the experience of holiday in a tourist attraction spot everywhere because of cycling in a rural location tourists can enjoy million of the natural beauty because the place is very strategic and natural combination of mountains and in rural areas so this cycling tour will add a sense of love for tourists to the surrounding environment.

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