Explore the Rural Nature with Different Tourist Attractions

Bali is a paradise island that has many tourist attractions. Many tourists from the other countries come to this island to see a beautiful panorama directly. They spend their holiday in many way to get many experience during spend their holiday. Tourists who come to Bali to spend their vacation will be more fun and exciting when it is accompanied with interesting tourist activity. One of tourist attraction activities that should be tried during vacation in Bali is Bali Horse Riding Tour.

This Bali Horse Riding Tour is one of the tourist attractions that is quite attractive by offering a tour route across the rural nature, area of reeds that fertile and coastal areas in Bali which has an amazing scenery while seeing the sights of Nusa Penida Island in the distance and Agung Mount looming in the Northeast. Explore along Saba Beach in Gianyar that has black sand, see the activities of surrounding communities, by passing the temple in the coastal area and see the fishing boats. It is really amazing scenery and will become an unforgettable experience when tourists spend their holiday in Bali.

kuda 8

This Bali Horse Riding Tour also can used to learn to ride a horse and recreation with family. By this Bali Horse Riding will be a beautiful memory that can’t be forgotten. The instructors who trained and experienced will be accompany during a safari trip so can make tourists will be feel comfortable and safety. Horses which are used are horses came from Australia and it is a well trained horse. For tourists who the first time rides a horse will be guided by Instructor who follows the tourists by foot. Tourists can ride a horse wear a long pants and shoes in so that tourists can feel comfortable during follow Bali Horse Riding activities.

kuda 5
Tourists who feel satisfied after enjoy Bali Horse Riding Tour can enjoy the lunch time in one of international restaurants with sea views on the coastal area of Saba Beach. This Bali Horse Riding Tour must be tried to get a different holiday experience during in Bali. Tourists also can take a picture or videos as much as possible with the horses with the background of beautiful beach.

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