Holiday Sensation in Bali with Different Ways of Other Tourist Attraction

Talk about Bali Island there will be no end. Beautiful Island which is popular in outside of Indonesia Country and famous in foreign countries always presents various types of tourism in Bali so it will always attract the attention of tourists from around the world to visit and spend their vacation in Bali. Coastal tourism is main tourist destination in Bali. Besides that arts and cultural attractions also become a priority of the tourists. And now, Bali also provides adventure tour which is of course involves a trip with particular route. One of the fantastic tourist attractions that can be tried there is riding an Elephant Tour. At this time, the tourist attractions that become the attention of tourists is Riding an Elephant in Bakas.

Interesting things when riding an elephant tour in Bakas is when domestic tourists and foreign tourists who follow riding an elephant package tour in Bakas will feel riding an elephant same like riding a Sumatra elephant. Not only riding an elephant, some providers of tourist services in Bakas even providing food for the elephants and allow the tourists to feed to the elephant directly. And then, while riding an elephant which is includes the largest mammal in Indonesia, tourists will invited to trip along Bakas Village area, Banjarangkan in Klungkung Regency, and also trip along one of the rivers in Bali, there is Melangit River.

gajah 5

Bali elephant tracking

Not only that, tourist route of ride an elephant in Bakas also includes rural areas that free of pollution and also will across the green and lush rice fields. Holiday atmosphere in Bali will be more interesting and fun because tourists can enjoy the natural scenery in Bali which is beautiful and fantastic. In addition, tourists also can take many pictures to capture the moment of ride an elephant tour in Bakas and they can take photos together with an elephant during ride an elephant trip. It is also not infrequently when tourists ride an elephant, they presented many attractions are showed by the elephant with the handler because elephants including the animal that has quite high level of intelligence.

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Package price in the elephant ride tour packages in Bakas, there are a variety of trip duration time that can be chosen by tourists. Of course it is can also be the basis for setting the price of this tour package. The longer of the duration of the trip that selected by tourists so the price of the tour package is higher. Some providers of provide tour packages there are provide the allocation time about 15 minutes, 30 minutes,40 minutes, there is even up to 1 hour, of course the route will be different for each time.

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