The Beauty of the Twin Waterfalls in Buleleng

Buleleng has grace in the form of rolling hills landscape which beautiful and exotic. The existence of these landscapes make Buleleng region has a number of natural attractions that lure. One of the interesting natural attractions that must be visited in Buleleng regency is a waterfall. In Buleleng, at least there are 16 waterfalls which spread in several places. Tourist attraction waterfalls are well known in this region located in the Gitgit Village. The most southern area which borders the Tabanan regency has several waterfalls. The most famous is the Waterfall Campuhan, or also called Gitgit the twin waterfalls.

gitgit 5

The entrance of this Twin Waterfall is located approximately 15 kilometers north of Bedugul area. Itineraries of Bedugul to Gitgit through heaving track winding and passing ‘twin lakes’, namely Tamblingan and Buyan. Arriving at the entrance located on the left side of the highway Denpasar to Singaraja, visitors going down pathways approximately as far as 1.5 kilometers. On the left and right side of the trail, visitors will find a lush forest, with lots of clove trees, coffee, and vanilla are grown in community gardens.

gitgit 9
Campuhan waterfall is two waterfalls which the position adjacent. Both waterfalls as high as 20 meters with a water depth of 10 meters has a different temperature. The temperature of the Waterfall on the left side is warm, while the temperature waterfall on the right side is cold. In the dry season, the water discharge on the right side will be reduced so that the overall temperature of the water will be warmer.

gitgit 4
According to a guide, NyomanWardana, Campuhan Waterfall is one of waterfalls that were sacred by Hindus. “Campuhan” means a mixture or the convergence point of two water flow which believed as a source of holy water. Therefore, this waterfall became an implementation place of the penglukatan ritual or cleaning our self. In addition, there are several other religious rituals were done routinely, like mecaru there is offer the offerings on the day before Nyepi and piodalan that performed twice in one year.

gitgit 2
Under the Campuhan waterfall, there are two other waterfalls that still one way. Both of these waterfalls can be reached approximately 30 minutes by foot. The first waterfall is Mekalang, there is waterfall as high as 45 meter with clean water according to its name which means bright or clean. Around 10 minutes from Mekalang waterfall, tourists can find the second waterfall. The local people call this waterfall as Graded waterfall.

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